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Select the appropriate awards and devices (if any) that you are authorized to wear, then press the "Generate Graphic" button below to get a representation of your ribbons in proper order of precedence in accordance with CAPR 39-3.

For information about a particular award, refer to CAP Regulation 39-3 for specific award criteria.

Air Force Awards
Air Force Organizational Excellence Award
(Earned between Oct 2012 and Aug 2016)
Civil Air Patrol Decorations
Silver Medal of Valor
Bronze Medal of Valor
Distinguished Service Medal
Exceptional Service Award
Meritorious Service Award
Commander’s Commendation Award *
CAP Achievement Award
Lifesaving Award
National Commander’s Unit Citation
Unit Citation Award
Professional Development Awards
National Commander’s Citation **
(Earned prior to 1978)
Gill Robb Wilson Award (Level V)
Paul E. Garber Award (Level IV)
Grover Loening Aerospace Award (Level III)
Leadership Award (Level II Specialty Ratings)
CAP Membership Award (Level I)
Senior Aerospace Education Awards
A. Scott Crossfield Award
Brigadier General
Charles E. “Chuck” Yeager
Aerospace Education
Achievement Award
Highest Cadet Program Award
Select one only:

Service Awards
Command Service Ribbon
CAP Crisis Service Ribbon
(Earned between 1 Mar 2020 and 31 Oct 2022)
Red Service Ribbon
Activity and Participation Awards
Search “Find” Ribbon
Air Search and Rescue Ribbon
Counterdrug Ribbon
Disaster Relief Ribbon
Homeland Security Ribbon
Cadet Orientation Pilot Ribbon
Community Service Ribbon
International Air Cadet Exchange
National Cadet Competition Ribbon
National Color Guard Competition Ribbon
Cadet Advisory Council Ribbon
(Earned as a Cadet)
Cadet Special Activity Ribbon
Encampment Ribbon
Senior Recruiter Ribbon
Wartime Service Awards
Must have been earned between February 1942 and July 1945.
Air Medal (US Army Air Forces)
Wartime Service Ribbon
(Replaces obsolete ribbons below)
Anti-Submarine Coastal Patrol Ribbon
Southern Liaison Patrol Ribbon
Tow-Target & Tracking Ribbon
Courier Ribbon
Forest Patrol Ribbon
Missing Aircraft Ribbon

* Commander’s Commendation Award may be presented by a Wing, Region or National Commander:

** Discontinued training/professional development awards still authorized for wear on the CAP uniform: